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Intelligent Agriculture

Since the agriculture enters the information age, the collection of agricultural environmental information such as air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration and illumination inside the greenhouse is also paid more and more attention. The greenhouse is a relatively closed environment. The crops continuously carry out the process of CO2 absorption and release in the greenhouse. Therefore,the concentration of CO2 in the greenhouse is significantlydifferent from the external environment. The concentration of CO2 in greenhouses directly affects the growth of crops. Too high or too low CO2 concentration will have a certain impact on crops.

Cubic NDIR CO2 sensor could detect the concentration of CO2 in real-time in the greenhouse.

When the concentration exceeds the range of the set threshold, an alarm message will be generated and transmitted to the monitoring terminal toremind the staff to make corresponding adjustments or intelligent control based on thereal-time detected CO2 concentration .

According to different demand and application, there are several CO2 detecting technologies available, including Single Beam NDIR technology, Dual Beam NDIR technology and Two-engine NDIR technology.

Intelligent Agriculture

Products advantage:

1. NDIR technology of Independentintellectual property.

2. The measure range could be extendedto 12000ppm.

3. Temparature correction within whole measurement range,which ensures the accuracy during -10-50°C.

4. Automatic structure design, with high reliablity and stable performance.

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