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Cubic CO2 Sensor Used in Green House


When Internet of Things (IoT)technology is successfully applied to agriculture/farm management, such as for the plant growth, crop yields improvement and production quality, using CO2 sensors to detect/measure CO2 concentration accurately has increasingly become a necessity.

Cubic CO2 Sensor Used in Green House

CUBIC NDIR CO2 sensor is  used to measure CO2 concentration/level adopting non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. It is widely used  in agricultural IoT, greenhouse, controlled atmosphere(CA) cold storage, seed storage, ripening room of fruit and vegetable, mushroom-farming, growth chambers, storage cellar, etc.

DualBeam NDIR CO2 Sensors

CM1107 SRH

◆ High accuracy: temperature and concentration calibration within whole measurement range
◆ High stability: advanced auto-calibration in background
◆ Small size and compact structure, easy to install
◆ One beam for detecting, the other beam for reference

Ultrasonic CO2 Gas Sensor


◆ No-calibration needed in life span
◆ Can avoid condensing events and high humidity influence
◆ Reliable and low cost