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Outdoor Air Quality

Dust with various size suspend in the air, among them particles diameter less than 10μm is called particulate matter (PM10), which is an important part of aerosol in the air, and for those diameter less than 2.5μm is defined as PM2.5. Usually diameter of the finest human air is 50~70μm, almost the limit of vision, whereas both PM2.5 and PM10 are much smaller, even though invisible, their effect is attracting increasing attention and research recently.

Human activities are the main source of particles, including automobile emission, coal combustion, factories, jobsite raised dust, etc., many countries have introduced laws to control air pollution and monitoring outdoor air quality, standard of PM2.5 and PM10 concentration (daily and yearly average basis) of some countries and recommend by WHO can be seen in table below:

To obtain accurate measuring result in different environment, Cubic developed API (auto particle identification) technology innovatively for identification of dust source, and applied for dust sensor PM3006.  With this optimized mathematical algorithm, PM3006 is able to measure particle concentration with various dust source accurately, and not only PM2.5, but also PM10 is identified and measured (not by calculation),  and the performance has already been verified by laboratory and outdoor test. It is widely used for outdoor air quality monitoring, construction air monitoring, and other purpose.

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