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NPI-TWO-Engine NDIR CO2 Sensor CM1109


As one of the leading manufacturer of NDIR CO2 sensor,Cubic have launched a new product Two-Engine NDIR CO2 sensor CM1109. It adopts two IR sources and dual optical paths design which could extend the lifetime to more than 15 years. Based on redundancy configuration desgin, the sensor will still work even if one of the IR sources got failure.

NPI-TWO-Engine NDIR CO2 Sensor CM1109

Core Advantages

◆Dual optical paths design-less drift, better stability.

-Two channels signal processing, compensation for each other toeliminate the drift caused by environment influence.

-Two channels design extend the measurement range of the sensor.

◆Matrix calibration technology, more accurate.

-Specialized matrix calibration technology ensures the accuracy of the sensor within the whole measurement range and temperature range.

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