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HVAC System for Air Purifier


A. With real-time monitoring of indoor particle concentration, it can assist the purifier to adjust the working mode intelligently, and can also be used as a reference value for filter replacement.
B. With real-time and effective monitoring of indoor formaldehyde concentration, it helps users to avoid ignoring repeatedly inhale formaldehyde with a digital display screen.

Particle sensor
A. Automatic Particle Identification API technology, accurate measurement in different environments.
B. PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 multi-channel output, for large-scale centralized calibration of laser particle count, can be applied globally for different particulate matter standards in China, United States,  European Union and other countries.
C. Long life, high temperature resistant laser diode, double prolong the service life of PM2.5 sensor.
D. Constant current sampling design ensures constant sampling quantity under different working conditions.
E. A variety of air inlet and outlet design to meet different installation mode.

HCHO sensor
A. Under the dual function of self-constant temperature design and temperature compensation,the product is not affected by temperature.
B. Built-in humidity compensation to ensure accuracy of measurement below 95%RH.
C. Cubic unique hardware design with advanced algorithm, more reliable anti-jamming.
D. USB interface can be used, plug and play, convenient for later maintenance.

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HCHO sensor

HVAC System for Air Purifier