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Petrol Vehicle Emission Monitoring

With the widespread application of electronic control technology in automobiles, oxygen sensors are widely used in engine control systems. They are the key feedback sensors in electronic fuel injection engine control systems. Automotive oxygen sensors are important to control engine emission, reduce automobile environmental pollutions and improve fuel combustion quality.

The oxygen sensor is used to detect the oxygen content in the exhaust gas of the vehicle, and convert the measured value into an electric signal, then output to the engine electronic control element. And referring to these signals in real time, the electronic control element will adjust the air-fuel ratio in the engine to the optimal level. Too much oxygen in the exhaust gas indicates too little gasoline in the mixture, which can cause performance problems, including failure to start. Too little oxygen means too much gasoline in the mixture, which will waste fuel and cause excessive emissions. Any of the above conditions will shorten the life of the catalytic exhaust purifier, increase the engine's fuel consumption and cause more exhaust pollution. And the engine will also experience malfunctions such as unstable idling, misfire, and surge.

  • Core Chips Technology

    Core Chips Technology

  • Cover 99% Vehicles

    Cover 99% Vehicles

  • Stable Singal Performance

    Stable Singal Performance

Cubic automotive oxygen sensors use ceramic sensitive components to monitor automobile exhaust oxygen content in the electronic fuel injection system, and convert the oxygen content into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the ECU, which allows the engine to achieve the target of excess air factor (λ= 1) in a closed-loop; Ensure the maximum conversion efficiency for hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust, and maximum conversion and purification of emission pollutants.

The core component of the oxygen sensor is the oxygen chip. With 17 years’ experience in gas core sensing technology, Cubic independently develops high-quality flat-panel chips. With advanced ceramic body technology in chips, the oxygen sensors could run at the twice speed of the traditional finger type; Engine exhaust gas emissions during the severe cold start phase can be reduced by half; multi-layer sensing elements equipped with integrated heaters can still maintain accurate performance after long-term use. Cubic oxygen sensor can cover almost all car models in the market, meeting the requirements of stable sensor signal, high accuracy and long service life in various atmosphere environments during the vehicle driving situation.

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