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Gas Sensor Solutions for Medical and Healthcare

As known, in medical therapies or for health care purpose, patients always need an oxygen-rich air mixture (pure medical-grade oxygen mixed with filtered and humidified ambient air or PSA generated oxygen) as facilitating agency. According to the severity of the trauma and different treatment situations, it is necessary for doctors to monitor and control the air volume, gas concentration, pressure or rate of flow in real-time. During these processes, oxygen concentration and air flow rate are always needed to be measured. In some scenarios, even up to 100% oxygen and large airflow are requested to measure. Therefore, oxygen concentration and flow rate measurement play an important role in different medical devices and treatment instruments. To contribute to medical and healthcare application demands, Cubic has spent more than 18 years’ incessant research and development devotion and has offered different gas sensing solutions to facilitate measurement of gas quality and quantity. Benefit from core technologies of ultrasonic, NDIR and electrochemical, Cubic could supply total solutions of oxygen and flow sensors, EtCO₂ sensors, CO and CH₄ sensors and lung function measuring equipments etc.

Ultrasonic Oxygen and Flow Sensors For Medical Devices
Demand for medical ventilators and oxygen concentrators is incredibly increasing in the past months since 2020 due to COVID-19. Oxygen and flow sensors for medical devices have become an important participant in different medical ventilators and concentrators.
Cubic offers oxygen concentration and flow rate measurement solutions which are widely integrated in medical devices. This page outlines guidance for the best choices that are suitable for medical healthcare monitoring devices.
Key Medical Applications
With more than 18 years’ application experience, Cubic could offer medical gas sensor products covering: ultrasonic oxygen sensors, ultrasonic oxygen and flow sensors (candidate alternatives for traditional zirconia oxygen sensor), NDIR medical EtCO₂ sensors, DLCO gas sensors and lung function measuring equipments. All these medical gas sensors are widely used in a variety of ventilators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen generators and anesthesia machines, playing important roles in PACU, ICU, EMS, pre-hospital rescue, PAP therapy, HFNC therapy etc.
Innovative Ultrasonic 5-in-1 Oxygen and Flow Sensor Gasboard-8500FS Series
Gasboard-8500FS is Cubic`s ultrasonic technology 5-in-1 combined solution for medical ventilators to support the global pandemic situation due to Corona virus outbreak. It can measure flow rate, oxygen concentration, temperature and humidity in binary gases. The measured flow rate range of Gasboard-8500FS can be up to 240L/min.
Benefit from ultrasonic technology and principle of TOF (time of flight) measurement, Gasboard-8500FS has excellent performances with advantages of high accuracy, fast response, no drift, no need for routine calibration and maintenance-free, etc. Gasboard-8500FS can be widely used for medical ventilators of expiratory, inspiratory or proximal demands.
Innovative Ultrasonic 5-in-1 Oxygen and Flow Sensor Gasboard-8500FS Series

Ultrasonic measurement technology, for both oxygen concentration and flow rate up to 240L

Based on principle of TOF (time of flight) measurement, continuous monitoring, no drift, no need routine calibration, maintenance-free

Excellent stability, high accuracy, fast response

Full scale matrix temperature and humidity compensation

No-consuming parts, long Lifespan

Small size, flexible installation

High performance-cost-ratio

Ultrasonic Technology & Oxygen and Flow sensor Installation
Principle of ultrasonic flow detection: when ultrasonic wave is propagating in the fluid, it is affected by the fluid velocity and carries the flow velocity information. The flow velocity can be measured by detecting the received ultrasonic signal, so as obtain the flow rate. Ultrasonic flow measurement has the characteristics of not impeding fluid flow.
Ultrasonic concentration detection theory: when the binary gas mixture composition has molecular weight difference, sound travel speed varies from different gas composition.

Ultrasonic Technology

Measure Oxygen Concentration and Flow Simultaneously

Ultrasonic Oxygen and Flow sensor Installation

For ultrasonic oxygen and flow sensor, there are typically two types of installations: By-pass Design and In-mainstream Design.


Strong OEM and ODM Solution Design Capacity

Other Medical Applications

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
(COPD) Test


Pulmonary Function Testing

(PFT-DLCO) System

DLCO Gas Bench

Hydrogen and Methane Breath Testing

CH₄ Gas Bench for HMBT-SIBO
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