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Cubic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality gas sensors and sensor technologies with the mission to bring automotive industries comprehensively and completely safer, healthier and greener solutions.
With innovative technologies and multi-platform sensing solutions, Cubic is dedicated to help automotive manufacturers and customers to realize real-time in-cabin and out-cabin air monitoring and pursue automobile energy-saving, driving safety and environment-friendly emission.

Automotive Environmental Air Quality Sensoring Solutions and Strategies

Cubic started the development of automotive air quality sensors early from 2014, and up to now has developed a full range of automotive air quality detection gas sensor product lines such as laser scattering PM2.5/PM10 sensors, NDIR CO2 sensors, MEMS AQS sensors, etc. Besides, Cubic has designed air quality improving devices including negative ion generators, plasma ion generators,fragrance dispensers and systems, etc. that target to create a closed loop of applications from detection to treatment, bringing a one-stop turnkey solution for automotive OEM manufacturers. What’s more, Cubic is planning to integrate total air quality sensing solutions into ECU control to achieve more intelligent features for smart driving concept.

  • Air Quality Sensing Solutions
  • Air Quality Improving Solutions
    Air Quality Sensing Solutions

    Air Quality Sensing Solutions

    Interior/Exterior PM Sensor -PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10 sensor -<0.3μm Particulate matters sensor

    CO2 sensor

    VOC sensor

    Air quality sensor (AOM)

    Cabin temperature and humidity sensor

    • CO2 Sensor

      CO2 Sensor

      Drowsy driver/HVAC

      “Hot Car" fatalities

      Sober driver

    • Particulate Matters Sensor

      Particulate Matters Sensor

      Interior and exterior


      PM0.3 (0.25~0.3μm)

    • AQM-Air Quality Sensor

      AQM-Air Quality Sensor




    • Cabin RH&T Sensor

      Cabin RH&T Sensor

      Cabin temperature

      Cabin humidity

    • Combined Integrated Sensor

      Combined Integrated Sensor

      Integrated CO2 and RH&T/VOC

      Integrated CO2 and PM2.5

      Integrated PM2.5 and RH&T/VOC

    Air Quality Improving Solutions

    Air Quality Improving Solutions

    Cabin virus and pathogen removal

    CO2 absorption

    Odor and VOC removal

    Dust removal

    Fragrance generator

Safety System

The United Nations Issues A Global Technical Regulation for Electric Vehicle Safety(GTR-EVS).
Early warning in dedication of thermal runaway to ensure passenger safety. Cubic Sensors & Instruments is the industry leader in creating intelligent solutions to solve the most complex application challenges.

  • Refrigerant Gas Leakage Monitoring
  • Power Battery Thermal Runaway
    alarm/ Pre-warning Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Leakage Monitoring
    Refrigerant Gas Leakage Monitoring
    Refrigerant Gas Leakage Monitoring
    Refrigerant Gas Leakage Monitoring Sensor

    Refrigerant Gas Leakage Monitoring Sensor

    Based on NDIR(Non-Dispersive Infrared)technology, refrigerant gas leakage monitoring sensor could detect and monitor refrigerant leak then provide early warning,it has advantages of fast response,high accuracy and good long-term stability.
    Refrigerant gas leakage monitoring has been developed with standard gas and is efficiently calibrated in the factory by Cubic own calibration technology.The sensing solutions can not only output an alert,but also directly participate in mitigation or shut-down procedures.
    Power Battery Thermal Runaway
    alarm/ Pre-warning Monitoring
    Power battery thermal runaway
    Battery Thermal Runaway Monitoring Gas Sensor

    Battery Thermal Runaway Monitoring Gas Sensor

    Real-time monitoring of gas,temperature, pressure, aerosol particles and other indicators released before the thermal runaway of lithium batteries is triggered; with CAN real-time communication interface,it can provide an effective reference signal for the new energy battery management system (BMS); can be used in the event of an accident. The alarm signal issued in time ensures that passengers have 5 minutes of escape time; it adopts the mature circuit design of the vehicle regulation level, and can work normally in the harsh vehicle environment.
    Hydrogen Leakage Monitoring
    Hydrogen leakage monitoring
    Battery Thermal Runaway Monitoring Gas Sensor

    Hydrogen Leakage Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of changing situation in hydrogen concentration at the hydrogenstorage bottle opening, passenger compartment and fuel cell engine system of ydrogen energy vehicles.Once hydrogen leakage occurs, an alarm signal is immediately issued to ensure passenger safety; H2 concentration in vehicle exhaust is monitored, and the battery stack is analyzed for the combustion performance and degree, so as to adjust the input index or data configuration of the battery in time to realize the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.

Environmental Emission

O2/NOx/Soot Sensor Solutions for Automotive Emission Applications.
The application of gas sensors determines the control level of automobile emissions, brings new changes to automobile exhaust treatment, and becomes an important driving force for automobile energy saving and emission reduction.

Relying on the successful development and application of air quality sensors for vehicles, Cubic has further developed vehicle oxygen and nitrogen oxygen gas sensors. Cubic has been awared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's strong foundation project-as "Sensor One- stop"application demonstration enterprise in China.

Cubic Advantages

Cubic has established gas sensing technology platforms including optical technologies (NDIR,Ultraviolet,LightScattering,LaserRaman),ultrasonic technology, MEMS metal oxide semiconductor(MOx) technology, electrochemical technology, ceramic thick-film technology based high temperature solid electrolyte technology and so on. At present, Cubic has obtained more than 100 patents home and aboard, with abundant products widely used in various fields of air quality, environmental monitoring, industrial processes, industrial safety monitoring,healthcare,smart metering and so on.

With the help of Cubic own automotive-grade factory quality management system, and automated automotive-grade batch manufacturing experience,Cubic successfully to get Automotive Tier1 Supplier with IATF 16949 Certificate and cooperate with domestic and foreign OEMs to develop customized integrated OEM/ODM solutions.

Core Sensing Technologies and Product lines for Automotive Industries

Product Recommendation Matrix
Main Applications and Products
Dust Sensor (PM1.0 + PM2.5 + PM10)
<0.3μm Particulate Matters Sensor
(In-Cabin Virus and Pathogen)
CO2 Sensor
Integrated and Combined
PM2.5 + CO2 + RH&T Sensor
VOC Sensor AQS / AQM Sensor(CO / HC / NOx / NH3 / SO2)
R744/R290/A2L Refrigerant Gas Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Pressure Sensor
O2/NOx Sensor
Soot Sensor
Cabin Virus and Pathogen Removal Bipolar Ion Generator / Plasma Ion Generator / ClO2 sprayer
CO2 Absorption
Odour and VOC Removal Bipolar Ion Generator/Plasma Ion Generator
Dust Removal / Negative Ion Generator / Bipolar Ion Generator / Plasma Ion Generator
Fragrance Generator
and Control
In-Cabin Driving Comfort In-Cabin Driving Health Automotive In-Cabin and Out-Cabin Environment Management Automotive Safety Alarm Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Thermal Runawy Detection Engine

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Exhaust Emission Gas Analyzer

Cubic-Ruiyi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cubic (stock code 688665). Cubic-Ruiyi is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing gas analysis solutions in the automotive applications.
Cubic-Ruiyi could offer series gas analyzers to measure the concentration of Oxygen(O2),Carbon Monoxide(CO),Carbon Dioxide(CO2),Nitrogen Oxide(NO),Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2),and Hydrocarbons(HC's).


Detect THC, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, PM, gas flow, etc.

Engine Exhaust Measurement System

Detect THC, NOx, CO, CO2, O2,

Opacity Meter

Detect diesel vehicle smoke opacity degree

Headlight tester

  • pro_1

    Headlight tester

  • pro_2

    Engine Tachometer

    Detect engine RPM

  • pro_3

    OEM Automotive Gas Bench

    Detect CO,CO2,HC, NO, NO2 ,NOx, O2

  • pro_4


    Detect THC, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, PM, gas flow, etc.

  • pro_5

    Emission Gas Analyzer

    Detect HC, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, O2 ,etc.

  • pro_6

    Opacity Meter

    Detect diesel vehicle smoke opacity degree

  • pro_7

    Engine Exhaust Measurement System

    Detect THC, NOx, CO, CO2, O2,

Cubic Vision in Automotive

Sensing the Driving


Sensing the Driving


Sensing the Environment


Connecting the World

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