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Air Purifier

Air pollution contributes to millions of premature deaths throughout the world each year. In China, rapid industrialization has wrought intense levels of air pollution that poses a serious threat to people’s health. Air purifiers are widely used as home appliances that can effectively remove PM2.5 and improve indoor air quality. How to choose an air purifier and how to know its purification effect? Its built-in dust sensor is the key and it can realize intelligent monitor and automatic control.

If the requirement for measurement accuracy is not so strict and we only need to know the dust concentration tendency, Cubic particle sensor PM1003 is a good choice. Featured with rapid response time, Particle sensor PM1003 has a stable performance and is cost-effective. If you also need to output the measurement value, Cubic particle sensor PM1006 is highly recommended.

  • Fast Response Time

    Fast Response Time

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

  • Various Inlet And Outlet Installation

    Various Inlet And Outlet Installation

As we know, dust concentration changes are not as easily perceivable as temperature changes and humidity changes. So more consumers want to know the accurate real-time dust concentration value on the screen of the air purifier. Cubic laser dust sensor PM2000 series become the best option. It adopts the laser scattering technology and can accurately measure PM2.5 in real time. Quick response time (a few seconds) to changes in indoor dust concentration. Measurement accuracy will not be influenced by the indoor temperature.

In addition, in recent years, air purifier has added new functions for combating indoor formaldehyde odor in new homes. So a formaldehyde sensor is necessary. Cubic Formaldehyde Sensor CB-HCHO-V3 adopts nanomaterial membrane and can accurately measure the indoor HCHO concentration, effectively resisting the interference of VOC such as alcohol.

Air purifier need to be equipped with different types of gas sensor to meet various demands from customers. So air quality sensor is important in air purifier industry. Cubic has developed many kinds of indoor air quality sensors, such as integrated air quality sensor AM6108 and AM 1008W to detect indoor particle concentration and CO2 concentration; integrated sensor AM1002 and AM1009 to detect the concentration of dust, VOC, NO2, temperature and humidity simultaneously.

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