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Without refrigerant, there will be no air conditioning, refrigeration of freezing technology. Refrigerant is a necessity to control thermal comfort, widely used in refrigerators, industrial freezers and many other applications.The Montreal Protocol in 1987 is aimed to gradually phase out substances that damaged to the ozone layer. The refrigerants such as chlorofluorocarbons and halons had been banned. Currently, refrigerant in the HVAC/R industry is undergoing the third transition. It is to reduce the bad influence on climate change and global warming.

Refrigerant types are continually developed, from traditional chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbon(HCFC), updating to fluorocarbons that do not contain chlorine fluorinated refrigerants (HFC). They are more environmental friendly. The third type new refrigerants with low GWP are often classified as A2L, which means that they are slightly flammable according to ISO 817:2014 Refrigerants-Nomenclature and Safety Classification.

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    NDIR Technology

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With new requirements by international regulations, local policies and insurance, people are more concerned about refrigerant leakage. Adding A2L refrigerant leak detection sensors is an inevitable choice to monitor refrigerant leakage.Based on advanced core gas sensing technology, Cubic has launched a powerful long-life NDIR refrigerant leakage monitoring sensor AM4200 series. NDIR AM4200 series are designed for different applications such as commerce, industry and cold chain transportation, and are fully calibrated before delivery. Service life could be up to 15 years and can reliably detect Carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbon (HC) and R32 gas (R454, R452)at ppm level to 100% vol within the lower flammable limit.

Refrigerant leakage monitoring sensor AM4202CT is specially developed to higher accurately detect low-concentration HFC and HFO gases. It adopts dual-light source reference method patent technology, and support complete calibration in the temperature range of -40°Cto +85°C. Compensates temperature, humidity and pressure, and can be directly installed in a cold and humid environment. It has the characteristics of high gas selectivity, high data accuracy, stable performance, immunity to interference sources, and rapid response time of A2L refrigerant leakage for along time without maintenance (15 years).

In addition, Cubic also developed AM4202CT type refrigerant leakage monitoring sensor, which is commonly used in commercial scenarios to detect A2L refrigerants in the flammable range (R32,R1234yf, R1234ze) and gases up to 1% vol (R410a, R134a) used in VRF applications. The AM4200 series refrigerant leakage monitoring sensor also has an innovative threshold output and a digital signal output based on the Modus485 communication protocol. It can be directly integrated on the cooler and other refrigeration equipment without the need for secondary calculation of the monitoring data.

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