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Dust Monitoring System

Raised dust, as one of the main sources of airborne particles, contributes 40% proportion of PM10 composition. It is a remarkable pollution which is very harmful risk for human beings. Accurate monitoring for raised dust outdoor then become necessary to provide the basis for efficient control, which is a basis to mitigate the pollutions.

In traditional monitoring stations, beta-ray device is usually used to measure dust concentration, because the accuracy of the device is high and it could realize continuous measurement. However, the cost of beta-ray device is very high, size is quite big and also the device needs regular maintenance, so it’s impractical to realize widespread application for accurate raised dust monitoring. From government’s aspect, they construct less monitoring stations than real demands due to limited budget and finance balance consideration when using beta-ray device, which then leads to the fact that much monitoring blind area is left in the city.

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    API technology

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    Innovative Structural Design

To overcome this dilemma, more simplified monitoring stations with low-cost measuring device is need to be considered and constructed to fill the blind area. In the basis of more than 10 years’ development and research on laser particle technologies, Cubic has developed outdoor particle sensor PM3006 to fill the gap in this area. With sophisticated hardware design and optimized algorithm, PM3006 is adapt to outdoor working environment, and could measure both PM2.5 and PM10 accurately (determination coefficient to beta-ray device R2>0.8), also could give TSP output. The cost of PM3006 is much lower than beta-ray device, which has great applicability for outdoor dust monitoring demand. In the near future, with widespread application of PM3006 in simplified monitoring stations, accurate raised dust monitoring can be realized to control the air pollution in the most economical way.
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