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Gasboard 8500D

Gasboard 8500D


Gasboard 8500D ultrasonic oxygen sensor is an economical gas sensor used to detect oxygen concentration in binary gases. By adopting ultrasonic detecting technology, it is very stable and there is no need to calibrate the sensor in the application. It is mainly designed for ventilator oxygen concentration measurement with high flow range up to 80L and for the large PSA generator too.Compared with electro-chemical oxygen sensors, it has a much longer lifespan and a more stable performance.
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    Cutting-edge ultrasonic technology adopted

    High accuracy, high stability, low cost, small size

    Full scale temperature compensation

    Factory calibration, maintenance free

    Long lifespan

    High flow range supportive


    Medical ventilator

    Respiratory devices

    Anesthetic machine

    Large PSA oxygen generator


Measurement range O2:0~100%(withstand flow range: 0~80L)
Resolution 0.1%
Concentration accuracy ±1.8%FS @(10-45)℃
Response time 5s
Working temperature 10℃~50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working humidity 5~85%RH(non-condensing)
Max pressure 150Kpa
Power supply DC 5~12
Signal output UART-TTL
Dimension W60*H30*D26(mm)


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