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Miniature Infrared(NDIR) Propane Sensor SBH

Miniature Infrared(NDIR) Propane Sensor SBH


Miniature NDIR C3H8 sensor adopts NDIR technology to detect C3H8 concentration in serve industrial applications, which can be integrated in safety and alarming devices, for environmental monitoring, gas drainage monitoring, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, paint jobs, gas transmission and distribution and other combustible gases, storage and places easy to occur gas leakage.
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    NDIR technology with long lifespan

    Diffusion sampling, compact size, easy handling

    High precision, less maintenance, fast response, stable performance

    Internal temperature compensation

    Ex-proofLevel ExiaⅡCT4


    Mine, metallurgy, liquefied gas station, spray paint, petroleum, fuel gas transport etc

    Used in gas leakage detecting equipment in family and industry, are suitable for LPG leak monitoring

    Refrigerant leak sensor


Measurement range 0-2%vol, 0-75%vol
Measurement method NDIR
Signal output UART_TTL; Analogue output: 0.4V-2VDC
Warmup 30s
Response time T90 <15s
Working voltage 3.5-5.5v
Working current 75-80mA
Ex-proof Level ExiaⅡCT4
Ex-proof No. GYB14.1127
Digital signal format RS 232data bit: 8; stop bit: 1; check bit: null
Baudrate 9600 bps
Working temperature -40℃ to  85℃
Dimensions ¢20*19mm (except pin)
Output pin 5pins
Lifespan 8-10years


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