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A2L Refrigerant Gas Sensor-AM4205 SeriesAM4205

Cubic NDIR refrigerant gas sensor AM4205 mainly targets at A2L gas, such as R32, R454A, R454B, R454C, or A3 hydrocarbon like propane R290.
Based on NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) technology, AM4205 could detect and monitor refrigerant leak then provide early warning, it has advantages of fast response, high accuracy and good long-term stability.
The sensor has been developed with standard gas and is efficiently calibrated in the factory by Cubic own calibration technology. The sensing solutions can not only output an alert, but also directly participate in mitigation or shut-down procedures.
AM4205 sensor is widely used for detecting or monitoring refrigerant leakage in these fields, such as commercial /transport /industrial refrigeration, automotive air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, heat pumps, etc.
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  • Dual Beam NDIR Technology
  • High Resolution
  • Up to 0~100% LFL Range
  • Digital output of gas concentration
  • Factory calibrated
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Built-in heater to avoid condensation and frost
  • Fast response, long lifetime
  • Faults Diagnostics & Error Generation
  • OEM/ODM sensor detector is available


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Principle NDIR
Measurement range 0~50%LFL
Resolution 1%LFL
Accuracy ±3.75%LFL
Response Time <30s
Output UART /0.8~4V(Default) PWM(Customized)
Working Environment -30~60℃;0~95%RH(non-condensing)
Storage Environment -30~70℃;0~95%RH(non-condensing)
Power Voltage 5±0.1V DC
Average Current ≤150mA
Peak Current <300mA
IP Grade IP54
Refrigerant Sensor Solutions are OEM based.
The above features and specifications are one of the typical versions. OEM/ODM refrigerant gas leakage detectors are available. To get more technical information and customized air quality sensor solutions, please contact 027-81628827 or
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