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Air Quality Module AQM-1000

Air Quality Module AQM-1000


The air classification module AQM-1000 is a MEMS (Microelectronic Mechanical Systems) sensor which based module for automatic HVAC air intake control. MEMS metal oxide semiconductor gas sensing elements for the detection of oxidizing and reducing environmental gases classify the intake air quality. According to the environmental gas concentrations and implemented internal air diagnostic validation,detailed classification levels (see look up tables below) are provided via LIN 2.0/LIN2.1 interface.
In order to cover the detection of low gas concentration events as well as high gas concentration events, the sensitivity is automatically adapted by dynamically changing the lookup table.
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    Active control of ventilation flaps of vehicle
    Reduction of fine dust concentration inside the vehicle
    Advanced technology for detection of toxic gases (e.g. diesel or petrol engine exhaust fumes)


    HVAC equipment
    Air purifiers
    IAQ/OAQ monitors
    Air conditioners


* Automotive air quality sensors are OEM based. The above features and specifications are one of the typical versions. To get more technical information and customized air quality sensor solutions, please contact


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