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Gasboard7500E is a type of ultrasonic oxygen gas sensor, which could realize accurate and stable measurements for oxygen concentration between 20.5~100%vol and flow rate within 0-10LPM. Gasboard7500E provides a new, economical, durable option for system designers who is seeking for medical oxygen sensors for PSA oxygen generator, medical ventilator , respiratory devices, anesthetic machine and vaporizer. Adopting ultrasonic detecting technology, Gasboard7500E has a better performance than electro-chemical and other oxygen sensors. It has variable functions including data display, online monitor, status alarming and has been widely used in home and medical oxygen concentrator, large oxygen generator, ventilator. Also, we can offer ODM service according to customer’s demand exclusively.
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    ▪ Ultrasonic technology

    High accuracy, excellent stability

    Full scale temperature compensation

    Factory calibration, maintenance free

    Long lifespan, low cost, small size

    Meet CMC, CE, EMC certification requirements


    ▪ Portable PSA oxygen concentrator

    ▪ Industrial oxygen generator

    ▪ Medical ventilator

    ▪ Anesthesia machine


Measurement range O2: 0~100%; Gas flow: 0~10L/min
Resolution O2: 0.1%; Gas flow: 0.1L/min
Concentration accuracy ±1.8%FS @(10~ 45)℃
Flow accuracy ±0.2L/min@(10~ 45)℃
Response time 1.5s
Working temperature 10℃~50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working humidity 5~85%RH(non-condensing)
Power supply DC 12V
Signal output UART_TTL
Dimension W120*H22*D13.6(mm)


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