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Refrigerant Gas Sensor for A2L&R32

Refrigerant Gas Sensor for A2L&R32


Cubic Refrigerant Gas Sensors and solutions mainly target the A2L mixtures,e.g. R32 gas concentration, R454A and R454B gas concentration or that of a pure hydrocarbon in the blend, and calculates the air volume concentration of the refrigerant gas and relates it to the avoidance thresholds by levels of LFL (Lower Flammability Limit) or LEL (Lower Explosion Limits). It is based on NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) technology with high accuracy and longer life. This sensor has been developed with standard gas and is efficiently calibrated in the factory by Cubic own gas sensor calibration technology. The sensing solutions can output an alert or directly participate in mitigation or shut-down procedures.
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    Dual Beam NDIR Technology

    High Resolution

    Up to 0~100% LFL Range

    Digital output of gas concentration

    Factory calibrated

    Internal temperature sensor

    Built-in heater to avoid condensation and frost

    Fast response, long lifetime

    Faults Diagnostics & Error Generation

    OEM/ODM sensor detector is available


    Refrigerant Leakage Detection

    Automation & Control

    Indoor Air Quality

    Industrial Health & Safety Alarm


Refrigerant Sensor Solutions are OEM based. The above features and specifications are one of the typical versions. OEM/ODM refrigerant gas leakage detectors are available. To get more technical information and customized air quality sensor solutions, please contact


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