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Reliable A3 R290 Refrigerant Gas Leakage Sensing Solution in Heat Pump

Recent approval of the revised EU F-gas Regulation has attracted widespread attention to the alternative refrigerants applied in heat pumps. The updated F-gas Regulation has the specific objectives to control F-gas emissions, which required refrigerant leakage prevention as follows:

·Discourage the use of F-gases with high Global Warming Potential and encourage the use of alternative substances or technologies when they result in lower GHG emissions without compromising safety, functionality and energy efficiency;
·Prevent leakage from equipment and proper end of life treatment of F-gases in applications;
·Enhance sustainable growth, stimulate innovation, and develop green technologies by improving market opportunities for alternative technologies and gases with low GWP.

Under this context, R290, as a natural refrigerant gas, becomes more and more popular to be used in heat pumps for its low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and low Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). However, it is worth noting that R290 is a flammable refrigerant. Once R290 is released into the atmosphere, it will lead to potential safety risks of fire and explosion. Therefore, it’s vital to detect the R290 gas leakage from heat pumps.

Dedicated to refrigerant gas sensing solution development over seven years, Cubic has leveraged its mature core NDIR technology platform to specially develop NDIR refrigerant gas sensor, AM4205 series, which has been gradually applied for R290 gas leakage detection. Due to reliable dual-beam design and smart auto baseline mechanism, AM4205 series can achieve superior long-term stability. Based on matrix calibration mechanism, AM4205 series has excellent accuracy under different temperature ranges to meet different application scenarios. Furthermore, designed with smart algorithm, AM4205 series has the advantage of fast response to realize rapid A3 R290 gas leakage detection. In addition to its core performance, AM4205 series also has feature of long lifespan with excellent performance due to the robust NDIR technology design and the durable component implement, which enable AM4205 NDIR refrigerant gas sensor the best candidate used in different extreme working conditions covering the scenarios of oil fog, salty fog, high temperature or condensation.

To fulfill more efficient integration with industrial refrigerant gas monitoring systems, Cubic has also designed another NDIR refrigerant gas sensor AM4203 series integrated with mitigation functions, which supports more options of 12-24V DC/AC power supply, Modbus and RS485 output, and embedded relay design.

AM4205 series and AM4203 series are both reliable and qualified safety alarm sensing solutions for refrigerant gas leakage detection, and these two series have experienced fully validated tests and adhered to the safety requirements of IEC60335-2-40 7th and UL60335-2-40.

With the advantages of high accuracy, superior stability, long lifespan and fast response, AM4205 series and AM4203 Series are ideal choices for A3 R290 gas leakage detection in heat pumps.

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