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Cubic A2L and A3 Refrigerant Gas Leakage Sensing Solution in Commercial Air Conditioning

In the United States, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are the mainstream refrigerants in commercial air conditioning industry. However, HFCs have high GWP and are gradually being eliminated from the refrigerant market. Therefore, it is imperative that HFCs must be gradually replaced.

On May 30, 2023, EPA put a new rule named Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Listing of Substitutes Under the Significant New Alternatives Policy Program in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Fire Suppression into effect, which listed HFO-1234yf, HFC-32, R-452B, R-454A, R-454B, and R-454C as the acceptable substitutes, for use in commercial air conditioning, industrial process air conditioning and so on.

The latest EPA rule has drawn widespread attention to the replacement for refrigerant in commercial air conditioning. These newly accepted alternative refrigerants are gradually gaining greater market demand. However, it is worth noting that HFO-1234yf, HFC-32, R-452B, R-454A, R-454B and R-454C mentioned in the above rule are all flammable A2L refrigerants, which pose potential risks of fire and explosion. Therefore, it is crucial to detect A2L refrigerant gas leakage in commercial air conditioning and other related applications.

Under the circumstances, based on mature core Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology, Cubic has developed the NDIR refrigerant gas sensor, AM4205 series, which aims at the detection of A2L and A3 refrigerant gas leakage, such as R32, R454A, R454B, R454C, or propane R290. Due to reliable dual-beam design, AM4205 series can achieve superior long-term stability. Based on matrix calibration mechanism, AM4205 series has high accuracy in different temperature ranges, can meet different application scenarios. Furthermore, designed with smart algorithm, AM4205 series has the advantage of fast response to realize rapid A2L and A3 gas leakage detection. In addition, AM4205 series also complies with IEC60335-2-40 7th and UL60335-2-40 4th requirements.

The remarkable features of Cubic A2L and A3 refrigerant gas sensor AM4205 series:

• High stability
• Superior long lifetime
• Dual-beam NDIR technology
• Up to 0~100% LFL measurement range
• Excellent accuracy, free of calibration
• 0.1% LFL high resolution
• Fast response
• IEC60335-2-40 7th and UL60335-2-40 4th compliance

With the advantages of high accuracy, superior stability, long lifespan and fast response, AM4205 series is an ideal choice for A2L and A3 gas leakage detection. For more product information, please click on or contact:

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