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Industrial Safety

Withthe economical development,industrial safety has become more and more critical for humanwork. Inflammable and explosive gas leakage may cause dangers on the industrialsites,such as CH4. In the greenhouse and incubators projects, CO2concentration will influence the growth of plants. What's more, cold chainlogistics have been widely establisas in systematic projects to ensure thequality and performance of goods in the production, storage, transportation,sales, ss a new generation of energy-saving, carbon-reducing and environmentally friendlynon-toxic refrigerant, R32 is an excellent choice.

Consideringthe safety issues, industrial gas sensors play an important role in thedetection of gas concentration to alarm for the gas leakage, temperature andpressure changes.

Wuhancubic has been dedicated in the development and production for NDIR CO2 sensor,NDIR CH4 sensor, NDIR R32 sensor, NDIR CH3Br sensor, NDIR C3H8 sensors andsolutions to monitor and promote the control on industrial safety.

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