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Wall Mounted HVAC System Controller AM6108

Wall Mounted HVAC System Controller AM6108


AM6108 HVAC system controller is with built-in IAQ sensor modules, which integrated NDIR CO2 sensor, laser PM2.5 sensor, HVAC indoor air quality sensor.It can monitor and display indoor CO2 concentration, PM2.5 concentration, HCHO, VOC and RH&T. The signal of controller can control operation and speed of ventilation fan directly.
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    • With build-in sensors including CO2 sensor, Dust sensor, VOC sensor, HCHO sensor, RH&T sensor for optional

    • Real-time monitor indoor air quality

    • With ventilation controlling function

    • RS485 control output

    • With wi-fi, bluetooth, RF, etc optional

    • Fashionable and compact design



Measurement range CO2: 400~2000ppm; PM2.5: 0~1000μg/m³; HCHO: 0~3ppm;
VOC: 0~3 level; Temp: -10℃~50℃; RH: 0%~95%RH
PM accuracy PM2.5: ≤100μg/m³; ±15μg/m³, >100μg/m³: ±15% of reading
(25℃±2℃, 50±10%RH, TSI8530, Cigarette)
CO2 accuracy ±(50ppm+5% of reading)
RHT accuracy ±1℃; humidity: ±5%RH
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
Warm up time <120s
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Power supply DC 12V(AC24V optional)
Signal output RS485 control output or relay output
Dimension W86*H86*D25(mm)

Work method:

Along with the HVAC control board from Cubic, the sensor reads the actual state with a target state, then the control system draws a conclusion what action has to be taken by HVAC system (e.g. the sensor reads the increasing amount of CO2 levels in a space, the control system command ventilation to reduce the CO2 concentration level. When the space is unoccupied, the sensor reads normal levels, and continues to supply the unoccupied rate for airflow).

Product classification and description:

AM6108 is the customized products, base on customer's requirement we have two different version. One is AM6108A ,The other one is AM6108B.

AM6108A without displayscreen. It is quite cost-effective. It can monitor CO2, PM2.5, HCHO, VOC, Temp&RH.

AM6108B with displayscreen. It is an upgraded version of AM6108A. The display is added to provide users with visual indoor air quality monitoring. It is compatible with push-button and touch-screen operation. The manual, smart, mute, and time 4 different mode settings are applicable to variety indoor environments.


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