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NDIR CO2 Sensor - Air Quality Indicator for Indoor Public Areas

Under the global epidemic spread of COVID-19, many countries have taken actions to improve ventilation to chase away COVID-19. The targets are to improve the air circulation in public buildings, public offices, museums, theatres, universities and schools, so as to help stop the spread of coronavirus.
In public areas, such as schools, population gathering is inevitable. More and more funding is devoted to be available to involve CO2 sensors into ventilation system or for indoor ventilation evalution. Indoor CO2 levels measurement become a very important index to indicate whether the population is under gathering scenarios and whether a room is unhealthily stale, so as to take necessary actions to improve air quality and reduce the cross-infection.
As the leading manufacturer of indoor air quality sensors, Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd. has already dedicated in non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology for more than 17 years and developed various kinds of CO2 sensors and CO2 monitors in the fields of HVAC and air purification.
To meet increasing market demands on CO2 sensors and CO2 monitors, Cubic has launched a new desktop AM7000 CO2 monitor which can output the real-time indoor CO2 concentration. And AM7000 is designed with different background colors to representing the excellent, good and bad situations of the air quality and enable a visualized knowledge about CO2 concentration in the environment, so as to offer suggestions to publics to take relevant ventilation measures. Besides, more air quality indexes, such as particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, RH&T, HCHO, VOC could simultaneously be added into AM7000 to give more air quality measurement capabilities. Moreover, Cubic also has varieties of off-the-shelf CO2 sensor modules which could be applied in ventilation systems or air quality monitors.
With more innovations, Cubic aims to devote more efforts in indoor air quality measurement and contribute utmost strength for air quality improvement.

AM7000  AirQuality Monitor

▪ Traffic light show different CO2 concentration
▪ Alarm function for high CO2 concentration
▪ Desktop installation, USB connection
▪ WIFI, Bluetooth optional

▪ Particulate Matter, RH&T, HCHO, VOC optional

Single Beam CO2 Sensor CM1106H-NS
▪ High accuracy ±(30ppm+3% of reading).
▪ Meet RESET standard grade A.
▪ Auto-calibration, maintenance-free.
▪ Wider temperature range matrix calibration.
Super Low Power CO2 Sensor CM1106SL-N
▪ Super low power consumption.
▪ Single and continue measurement mode.
▪ Suit for battery supply CO2 monitor/HVAC controller.

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