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Automotive Particulate Matter Sensor APMS-3302

Automotive Particulate Matter Sensor APMS-3302


APMS-3302 is a laser particle sensor module for automotive use, capable of enduring an internal vehicle environment. This sensor can measure particle concentration PM2.5 exactly and output μg/m directly viamathematical algorithm and scientific calibration.
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    Long life laser, more than 100, 000 hours
    High-temperature laser module, constant power output, working temperature can reach 85℃
    It can not only detect PM2.5, but also realize the detection of PM1.0 and PM10
    It can realize intelligent identification of different dust sources
    It can meet the requirements of accurate, stable and reliable detection of sensors in the driving process of vehicles in various practical and complex road conditions



* Automotive air quality sensors are OEM based. The above features and specifications are one of the typical versions. To get more technical information and customized air quality sensor solutions, please contact


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