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Heating and Dehumidifying Apparatus PMHT01

Heating and Dehumidifying Apparatus

Heating and dehumidifying apparatus PMHT01 is for outdoor particle sensor, works through filtration and heating to effectively prevent the water mist or droplet impact in rainy and humid conditions, which helps particle sensors to have best performance in all outdoor conditions. It is an accessory for outdoor particle sensor to avoid water mist or droplet to effect dust measurement value.
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  • Different heating temperature can be set
  • Precise monitoring data on tube temperature, real-time temperature control
  • Uniform heat conduction, slight influence by ambient temperature
  • All-metal built, simple structure, easy to install


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Heating stabilization time ≤5min (Condition: 25℃)
Heating temperature range 40~60℃ (45℃ as default)
Working condition -30~70℃, ≤99.9%RH
Storage condition -40~85℃,0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Working voltage DC 12V±0.5V
Average power ≤5W (@12V DC, 25℃)
Peak power ≥30W (@12V DC)
Standby current ≤25mA
Communication UART (TTL_3.3V)
Dimensions W145*H35*D35 mm
Lifespan ≥3 years
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