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Commercial Ultrasonic Gas Meter

For gas meter that measures natural gas used in business environment including restaurant, hotel and bathhouse, less maintenance is welcome for not to interrupt the business, higher security level is required for heavy human traffic. So commercial gas meter with long-term accuracy stability, long lifespan and security assurance like gas leakage check are essential, indispensable and competitive in the market.

Cubic commercial gas meters are based on ultrasonic technology, ranged from G6, G10,G16, G25, G40 to G65, can measure minimum flow rate 0.06m3/h, and maximum flow rate is up to 100 m3/h, fit the applications in commercial field. With this innovative ultrasonic flow sensor technology, Cubic smart ultrasonic gas flow meters realize high stability and high accuracy measurement for commercial applications, especially for low flow range (Qmin)measurement. With built-in temperature and pressure compensation, along with intelligent software algorithm, Cubic gas flow meter and module are accurate inair,100% CH4, H1 and different natural gases for full temperature range.

Thanks to fully electronic design without moving parts, ultrasonic gas meter technology has no issue of mechanical wear which leads to degradation of accuracy and has the advantage of anti-contamination. Therefore, long-term stability and accuracy can be guaranteed for ultrasonic gas meters and there is no need for periodical maintenance.

Besides, Cubic smart ultrasonic gas flow meters and modules are equipped with temperature sensor, pressure sensor and shut-off valve, which facilitates the accurate monitoring of gas flow, and the gas leakage check system realized by valve ensures user safety by automatically shutting down gas supply in case of inconspicuous leakage.

What’s more, Cubic ultrasonic gas flow meters could also achieve low power consumption, which make the gas meter a long lifespan (more than 8 years) and is a basis for smart gas metering market demand. To meet evergrowing smart gas metering need, Cubic has developed gas flow meters combined with wireless communication GPRS and NB-IoT, which enables users to read data of remaining gas volume and arrange top-up remotely.

As a pioneer in ultrasonic gas flow meters, Cubic will keep technical and commercial innovation in the fields to keep ahead of diverse market demands.

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