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Household Vacuum Cleaner

Nowadays people are more concerned about the quality of life. With the popularity of the intelligent home appliances, people especially housewives could be free of daily household cleaning chores. Handheld vacuum cleaner has been widely used in many countries for many years but household robotic vacuum (intelligent automatic sweeping robot) is a new fashion in recent years. The automatic hands-free vacuum robot will allow you to sit back and relax while all cleaning work especially under your sofa, couch or areas that are hardly reached could be finished automatically and intelligently. They could sense the dust accurately and do the cleaning work efficiently. They make cleaning up a whole lot easier.

So how to ensure the accuracy of dust sensing in the robot vacuum cleaner? The key component is dust sensor. It could monitor the area dust concentration in real time and transfer the data to robot controlling central. So the robot could design the best cleaning route and adjust the motor speed to improve cleaning efficiency according to the current working area’s turbidity. The leaning effect is guaranteed. Also the dust concentration data could be used to avoid the repeated work in the same area. Owing to the application of dust sensors, the sweeping robot could greatly improve the working efficiency and extend the service life of the motor.

  • Response Time<200ms

    Response Time<200ms

  • Free From Dust Pollution

    Free From Dust Pollution

  • Split Type Design

    Split Type Design

Cubic dust sensor PM1009 is especially developed for smart vacuum cleaners. Smart in size and split structure make it easy to install for multiple structures, suitable for traditional vacuum cleaner handle pipe and the smart sweeping robot. Easy to detect the dust concentration in real time. It is the "tentacles" for household vacuum cleaners to sense dust.

1. Response speed <200ms.

2. Under certain conditions, it can accurately distinguish the degree of water contamination.

3. Not affected by dust pollution.

4. Split installation design to meet different installation requirements.

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