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CO2 Incubator

The CO2 incubator is widely used in the research and production of microbiology, medicine, pharmacy, environmental protection, food, animal husbandry and other scientific fields. It uses artificial control methods to create a suitable growth and reproduction environment for microorganisms, cells, bacteria, etc. in the incubator. Carbon dioxide(CO2)is not only a metabolite of cells, but also an essential component for cell growth, and it will affect the pH of the culture medium. Most cells are suitable for growth at pH 7.2 to pH 7.4. When the CO2 concentration is too high, the pH value will decrease and the cells will grow slowly, even degenerate or die.

  • Fast Response Time

    Fast Response Time

  • No Drift

    No Drift

  • Moisture Resistance

    Moisture Resistance

Based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, Cubic has developed a miniature infrared carbon dioxide sensor SRH, which can monitor the CO2 gas concentration in the incubator in real time, and is linked with the CO2 regulating device to always control the CO2 gas concentration in the incubator at suitable level for cell growth.

1. Using the principle of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

2. Quick response and accurate measurement

3. Long-term operation without drift

4. Resistance to moisture

Cubic miniature infrared carbon dioxide sensor SRH has both digital signal and analog signal output, and can provide a small size design, which is easier to be integrated into all kinds of incubators.

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