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High Flow Oxygen Therapy Instrument

Medical ventilator is a devicewhich could replace, control and changehuman normal breathing and Improve respiratory function. According to differentconnection, It can be divided intonon-invasive ventilation (NIV) and invasive mechanical ventilation(IMV).Regarding the treatment to combat with COVID-19, there is rigid demandfor ECMO for critically patients at the same time large demand for non-invasiveventilator as assisted treatment.

  • Ultrasonic Principle

    Ultrasonic Principle

  • Oxygen Concentration and Flow

    Oxygen Concentration and Flow

  • Long Service Time

    Long Service Time

With increasing demand formedical ventilator,apart from medicalventilator for hospital respiratory treatment,more and more home use ventilator come into family and help assisted treatment forpatients with respiratory insufficiency or obstructive sleepapnea syndrome (OSAS).The ventilator is gradually designed with O2 therapy besides function of breathing. In this trends a new O2 therapy solution--High-flow nasalcannula oxygen therapy(HFNC)become popular on the market andapply for clinical application.

Based on more than 12 years’ experience in ultrasonic sensor researching and manufacturing, Cubic ultrasonic oxygen sensor could apply for kinds medical ventilator application perfectly especially High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy. Ultrasonic O2 sensor is best solution for HFNC O2 measuring with feature of no elements consumption, no calibration and long lifespan (more than 5years).To match upgrading requirements for HFNC ventilator, Cubic developed highflow oxygen sensor Gasboard 8500D and five in one oxygen sensor Gasboard8500FS, which integrate O2 concentration, O2 flow, temperature, humidity and pressure measuring.

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