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Optical Particle Counter

In medicine, electronics, food, aerospace, bioengineering, precision processing and other fields, the ambient air in the relevant production process needs to achieve high cleanliness and meet the relevant industry standards. For example, the pharmaceutical industry needs to meet GMP standards. Customers generally use particle counters to detect the working environment. The domestic related testing equipment needs to meet the technical requirements of the JJF1190-2008 "Dust Particle Counter Calibration Specification" promulgated by the State Administration of Metrology in China.

In the past, customers only used hand-held particle counters to perform cleanliness inspections in the relevant areas of the operating plant during project acceptance, but after the project was accepted and put into use, only regular manual inspections and inspections were arranged. This practice will bring a series of problem. Firstly it will increase the clean cost of the enterprise. Secondly, it lacks the fixity of sampling point and sampling time for manual monitoring. Finally, regular testing cannot cover all risks of excessive pollution.

  • Long Service Time

    Long Service Time

  • Constant Sampling

    Constant Sampling

  • Meet JJF 1190-2008 Standard

    Meet JJF 1190-2008 Standard

Compared with traditional handheld particle counter applications, clean room online monitoring can achieve intelligent control without manual intervention; it can cover the entire production process and reduce pollution risks; at the same time, the new version of GMP adds online monitoring requirements for hardware. And upgrading online monitoring has become trend. However, the application of handheld particle counters upgrades the clean room online monitoring, which has higher requirements for service life, data stability and reliability.

Based on 10 years of research and innovation in light scattering technology, Cubic provides clean room online monitoring solutions. Cubic laser particle counting sensors PM5000S and PM3003NS, and online particle counters OPC-6500F and OPC-6303P, which can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, food hygiene industry, optoelectronic engineering and aerospace, etc.

1. Long service life, meeting 7*24 hours continuous monitoring;

2. Constant current sampling to ensure long-term data stability;

3. The data is accurate, and the linear correlation with the Lighthouse equipment is R2>0.9;

4. Comply with JJF 1190-2008 dust particle counter calibration specification.

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