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Motorcycle Emission Monitoring

The oxygen sensor is an important part of the motorcycle's electronic fuel injection system. The ECU judges whether the air-fuel ratio is low or high according to the electromotive force difference from the oxygen sensor, and controls the fuel injection duration accordingly.

The motorcycle oxygen sensor monitors whether the oxygen content in the engine exhaust is excessive in real time, and converts the detected concentration into a voltage signal, then transmits it to the engine ECU to ensure that the three-way catalytic converter has the maximum conversion efficiency for the three pollutants of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) in exhaust gas, which can transform and purify the emission pollutants to the greatest extent, and realize the closed-loop control of the engine. If the oxygen sensor is faulty, the engine ECU cannot accurately control the air-fuel ratio, which is a very important intelligent component in the electronic injection system.

The motorcycle oxygen sensor independently developed by Cubic has stable signal, high sensitivity, short response and recovery time, high accuracy, and long life. It has entered the mass production stage.

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