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The global Covid-19 continues to spread, which makes ventilator an urgent need ranking after masks and toilet paper. In modern clinical medicine, as an effective method to use artificially ventilation replacing autonomous ventilation, ventilator has been widely used in respiratory failure and anesthesia breathing during major surgery, respiratory support and therapy.

The medical ventilator is used to send a mixture of air and oxygen into and out of the patient's lungs to help the patient breathe. If the patient's breathing function is insufficient or unable to breathe at all, the role of the ventilator is to perform mechanical breathing for the patient. What’s more, the ventilator will generate positive pressure when inhaling oxygen, and will press the gas into the patient’s lungs. When the pressure rises to a certain level, the breathing machine will stop supplying air, the exhalation valve will also open one after another, and the patient’s chest and lungs will be passive collapsed and exhale.

  • Ultrasonic Principle

    Ultrasonic Principle

  • Oxygen Concentration and Flow

    Oxygen Concentration and Flow

  • Long Service Time

    Long Service Time

Modern ventilators mostly use oxygen sensors to monitor the oxygen concentration inhaled. Oxygen sensor is generally located between the patient's inhalation end and the air-oxygen mixer. It is mainly used to measure the oxygen concentration of the mixed gas to ensure that the patient is delivered with oxygen that matches the preset oxygen concentration. It is very important that the oxygen sensor could avoid possible oxygen poisoning due to long-term high-concentration oxygen inhalation or life-threatening due to low oxygen concentration.

Cubic has developed varieties of oxygen sensors based on ultrasonic principle, which are with stable and accurate performance, long life span (more than 5 years) and high cost-performance-ratio. Cubic oxygen sensors have contributed an important role in the ventilator design.

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