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Cubic Cleanroom Monitoring Sensing Solutions

Maintaining a clean production environment and process control are crucial for ensuring product quality and optimal performance in the precision manufacturing industry. The cleanroom environment should stay within predefined limits of cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and pressure. By continuously monitoring these critical factors, cleanroom monitoring effectively mitigates the risk of contamination and guarantees product quality. Nevertheless, harmful gas emissions generated during specific production processes can be hazardous, posing potential explosion risks and operational safety threats. Therefore, an efficient and reliable cleanroom monitoring solution has become an urgent need to ensure production safety and quality.

Product Recommendation Matrix

Product Lithium-Ion Battery Semiconductor Pharmaceutical Flat Panel Display

28.3LPM Particle Counter

OPC-6510 Series

28.3LPM Particle Counter

OPC-6511 Series

2.83LPM Particle Counter

OPC-6303 Series

Humidity and Temperature

Transmitter AM6108 Series

Explosion-proof Particle Counter


NMP Gas Leakage Detector


Electrolyte Leakage Detector


Trace Moisture Sensor


Trace Oxygen Sensor


Cubic Solutions in Three Core Application Scenarios

Environmental Air Quality Monitoring

As a leading manufacturer specializing in smart gas sensors and advanced gas analyzers, Cubic leverages its diverse and mature technology platforms to provide comprehensive, safe, and efficient solutions. Our expertise spans industries such as lithium-ion battery, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and flat panel display, focusing on cleanroom environmental air quality monitoring, production process and quality control, as well as production safety monitoring.

Production Process and Quality Control

During specific production processes, ultra-high purity specialty gases as part of the production process for each of these applications. It is crucial to control the trace amounts of water and oxygen in UHP bulk gases. Effective control is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of manufacturing and the stability of product quality.

Production Safety Monitoring

In specific production settings, harmful gases and flammable substances may pose a threat. Ensuring employee safety necessitates the implementation of critical monitoring measures. Real-time surveillance of these hazards offers robust safety guarantees to workers, mitigating risks and fostering a safer workspace.

Achieve Higher Quality and Optimal Performance in Controlled Cleanroom Environments

Dedicated to optical sensing technology for over 20 years, Cubic is ready to collaborate with you.
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Cubic Mature Core Technologies

  • LSD(Laser Scattering)
  • NDIR (Non-dispersive Infrared)
  • TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy)

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