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Diesel Vehicle Emission Monitoring

For many drivers, fuel economy is their top concern. Low fuel consumption means more mileage per liter of fuel and less carbon dioxide emissions. With the increasing of gasoline and diesel prices, more and more drivers are beginning to focus on fuel cost saving.

As the information source of automobileelectronic control system, gas sensor is a key component in automobile exhaust gas aftertreatment system, and determines the control level of automobil eemissions. Particulates (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced by diesel engines are the two most important pollutants in emissions. In many countries,the traditional automotive oxygen sensor could only measure oxygen content inexhaust gas. Nitrogen oxides content detection in exhaust emission could not be fulfilled at the same time. Cubic ceramic type nitrogen and oxygen sensor takes the advantages of high measurement accuracy and good reliability. Based on 17 years’ experience in the sensor industry, Cubic is on the way to help reduce emission pollution for environmental protection.

  • Core Chips Technology

    Core Chips Technology

  • Cover 99% Vehicles

    Cover 99% Vehicles

  • Stable Singal Performance

    Stable Singal Performance

Cubic nitrogen and oxygen sensor is used to detect the content of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in engine exhaust. It is a gas sensor made of solid electrolyte ceramics and nitrogen oxide sensitive electrode materials, using semiconductor technology to detect nitrogen oxides. The nano-composite structure on the surface of the electrode achieves extremely highselectivity of nitrogen oxide molecules. It can be used in the closed-loopcontrol of nitrogen oxides in the SCR system of diesel engines, or in theon-board diagnostics (OBD) of gasoline and diesel engines.

Cubic Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor has highsensitivity. The core component chip is self-developed and produced. Because ofcost saving, Cubic has pricing advantages. All finished product could be tracedunder advanced quality control system; Good selectivity, repeatability andstability; response and recovery time is short, covering a wide range ofvehicle types.

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