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Air Quality Monitor

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the air quality of their living environment. Based on self-developed gas sensors, Cubic has developed a variety of air quality sensor that can detect PM2.5, CO2, formaldehyde, VOC, temperature and humidity in the air. We have successfully solved the problems of air duct design, power consumption and temperature rise in the integrated design process of the sensor.

  • Smooth Structure Design

    Smooth Structure Design

  • Low Consumption

    Low Consumption

  • Solving Temperature Problem

    Solving Temperature Problem

Structural design: The air quality detector is a measurement instrument, so we need to ensure the detection accuracy. But the laser dust sensor is installed inside the air quality detector, so the external structure and the installed dust-proof gauze will affect the sampling flow rate of the laser dust sensor, result in lower measurement accuracy of the sensor. We find the most suitable structural design scheme with the least impact on the sensor by fluid simulation and verification, and combine the secondary calibration technology to ensure the measurement accuracy of the laser dust sensor.

Power consumption problem: In order to meet the portability of the air quality detector, it needs to use battery power and ensure its battery life. When multiple sensors work at the same time, the battery power consumption will be too fast, bringing bad user experience. We use low-power sensors to reduce the power consumption of sensors to extend battery life.

Temperature rise problem: When multiple sensors work at the same time, the heat generated will make the internal temperature of the detector rise rapidly. It will have a great influence on the internal temperature and humidity sensor to sensor the correct temperature and humidity. By adjusting the position of the temperature and humidity sensor, optimizing the air duct, improving the heat dissipation capacity, combined with the dynamic temperature and humidity compensation technology, we have completely solved temperature rise problems and ensure the measurement accuracy of the temperature and humidity sensor.

Product quality: Cubic internal multiple sensors in air quality detector are independently developed, and implements the IATF16949 automotive quality management system to fully guarantee the product quality.

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