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Micro-Monitoring Station

Particle concentration is the main indicator of air quality. High particle concentration may cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease or even lung cancer, which are harmful risks for human beings. To measure particle concentration outdoor become more and more important to indicate the risk in life. Increasing research is gradually devoted to find the most appropriate solution. Beta-ray technology, as the main measurement technology, is widely used in grid stations to monitor air quality. With the measurement, air quality index is shared with citizens via internet, including PM2.5 and PM10 concentration. However, the limitation is that particle concentration is updated very slowly depending on data output period of the beta-ray device. Besides, another limitation is that the beta-ray device cost is too high, so grid station distribution established is not enough for overall measurement in the city.

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    API technology

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    Water-Removal System

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    Innovative Structural Design

With widespread of internet+ application and the concept of “smart city construction”, demand of continuous air quality monitoring is also increasing. Accurate measurement in different area is requested to be covered as much as possible, and real time data should be available by various applications or websites. To catch the market demands, Cubic has innovatively developed outdoor particle sensor PM3006 as a most suitable solution for outdoor air quality monitoring. It can measure both PM2.5 and PM10 concentration accurately. The data could be updated based on second by second, which is much faster than beta-ray device output period. With all the favorable features, PM3006 is quite suitable to realize accurate air quality monitoring and smart city construction under circumstance of grid monitoring market demand.

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