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Fresh Air System Controller

For the purpose of achieving energy saving and comfort environment, and with wide spread of internet+ and IoT, especially CO2 and particle sensors development, HVAC system is developing very fast, by which fresh air is supplied according to the real-time and exact demand, so as to ensure high level comfort and also avoid energy waste.

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The HVAC controller itself is necessarily equipped with CO2 and PM sensors, which can collect the CO2 and PM concentration in the indoor air, so as to send the information to the HVAC host to realize the adjustment function to ventilate and purify the air. By this way, the indoor air become fresh and people inside will feel comfortable to take breath. One of the key measurement parameters of the HVAC controller is CO2 concentration, which is measured by CO2 sensor and provides a reference of indoor air freshness, also to avoid fresh air waste and save operation cost. The other key measurement parameters is particle concentration measured by installed particle sensor, to ensure cleanliness of indoor air. When particle concentration of ambient air is clean enough, then the fresh air machine will work at stand-by mode to save operation cost, and maintenance of the fresh air machine also will be implemented based on particle concentration difference of the inlet/outlet air.

HVAC system with air quality controller is more and more dependent on CO2, particle, VOC, formaldehyde, temperature and humidity measurement, which provides important data for energy saving control, meanwhile ensure high quality fresh and comfortable air for indoor environment. As the leading manufacturer of air quality sensors, Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd. has already dedicated in this field for more than 17 years and has self-developed full ranges of air quality sensors and solutions, which are widely used for HVAC fields, and ready to further explore innovations for development of HVAC Industry.

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