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Residential Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Natural gas is the main part of power supply for residents nowadays, the market demand for residential natural gas meters is huge. Gas companies desire that a gas meter can measure highly low gas flow point, maintain long-term accuracy stability and ensures long lifespan, so there is no loss due to the imprecise measurement, and maintenance cost due to frequent repair can be avoidable.


Cubic has developed patented L shape structure gas flow sensor based on ultrasonic technology, which is innovatively applied for residential gas meters USM-G2.5 and USM-G4. The patented L shape structure is with longer effective distance between the 2 transducers, smaller cross-sectional area. And due to special design that the transducer in outlet is not in the gas flow direction, the contamination doesn’t deposit and degrades the accuracy which enable Cubic ultrasonic gas flow sensor a great anti-contamination feature and achieve along-term accuracy stability advantage. Besides, with built-in temperature and pressure compensation, along with intelligent software algorithm, Cubic gas flow sensor is accurate in air, 100% CH4, H1 and different natural gases for full temperature range.


Based on core ultrasonic gas flow sensor module, Cubic has developed residential ultrasonic gas meters, which are of high stability and accuracy. Due to the fact that there are no moving parts, accuracy is also less affected by temperature and pressure of gas medium. And benefit from contamination resistant, it guarantees long-term accuracy stability. All these factors make Cubic residential ultrasonic gas meter prevalent in the market.

Cubic self-developed smart gas meters adopt patented ultrasonic gas flow meter technology. Base on GPRS/NB-IoT wireless commmunication, it can achieve remote data management and top-up functions by login webite by PC or mobile device, thus Cubic ultrasonic gas meter can save labor cost and bring convenience to both gas companies and end users.

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