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Meteorological Station

With fast development of economy,the consciousness of air pollution and air quality are also increasing, sinceit is highly related to each person’s health and life quality. Particulate matter, regarded as the main factor of air pollution, is requested to be measured and monitored by meteorological stations as one of the main air quality indexes. Nowadays, beta-ray device is widely used in many meteorological stations due to the advantage of high accuracy, so that citizens can check particle concentration via various applications or website to understand the living environment. However, due to the limitation that beta-ray device is too expensive,and the data update is too slow, demand for a more economical and continuous measuring technology is required.

  • API technology

    API technology

  • Water-Removal System

    Water-Removal System

  • Innovative Structural Design

    Innovative Structural Design

To meet this demand requirement,Cubic has innovatively developed outdoor particle sensor PM3006 to measure PM2.5 and PM10 concentration accurately with continuous measurement capability.And the cost is much lower compared with beta-ray device. The data measured by Cubic outdoor particle sensor could be updated every second, which is much faster than beta-ray device.

Cubic outdoor particle sensor PM3006 is the most suitable solution for meteorological stations applications and provides air quality information to fulfill increasing monitoring demand to give accurate indication for health risks.

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