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Household & Central Air Conditioner

With the continuous upgrading of home appliances, the all-in-one fresh air air conditioner, which integrates air conditioning, purification, and fresh air functions, has gradually become a new fashion in the air conditioner market. The intelligent upgrade of the all-in-one fresh air air conditioner requires a variety of air quality sensors to monitor various indoor air quality parameters in real time, and upload the detection data to the control unit for intelligent air quality adjustment to achieve target of health, comfort and energy saving.

  • High Quality Sensors

    High Quality Sensors

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

  • Customized Service

    Customized Service

As a professional gas sensor manufacturer, Cubic provides a variety of sensor solutions for air-conditioning and air-cleaning, fresh air, and air-conditioning integrated machines, including particulate matter sensors, CO2 sensors, formaldehyde sensors, VOC sensors, and integrated solutions based on multiple gas sensors .

1. Provide a variety of high-precision air quality sensors

2. Provide a variety of sensor integration solutions

3. Provide a miniaturized multi-parameter detection integration solution

4. Provide customized services

Cubic insists on direct sales from the original factory, good customer service, and build professional pre-sales and after-sales teams to respond customers’ demands in a timely manner.

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