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Oil And Gas Recovery

Oil and gas are organic compounds that will volatilize into the air during refueling, unloading and storage at gas stations. The main components are methane (CH4) and propane (C3H8) gas. Oil and gas may not only cause serious energy waste, but also damage to natural environment and human health. Nowadays, there will be increasing demand for oil and energy, tighter energy supply and stricter requirements for safety and environmental protection. So oil and gas recovery technology R&D and application is more and more important.

  • Fast Response Time

    Fast Response Time

  • No Drift

    No Drift

  • Meet Exia ⅡC T4 Ga Standard

    Meet Exia ⅡC T4 Ga Standard

The "Gas Station Air Pollution Emission Standard" in China clearly stipulates the limit of oil and gas emissions. Therefore, in the oil and gas recovery online monitoring system, sensors are essential. By detecting the concentration of residual methane and propane in the exhaust gas after the oil and gas recovery, we clearly know whether the emission could meet the requirement. Cubic miniature infrared methane sensor SJH and propane sensor SBH, based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensing technology, can monitor the concentration of methane and propane gas in the exhaust gas after oil and gas recovery in real time, and perform feedback adjustment to improve the efficiency of oil and gas recovery and ensure emissions could fulfil requirements.

1. Using the principle of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

2. Quick response and accurate measurement

3. Long-term operation without drift

4. Meet the explosion-proof grade Exia ⅡC T4 Ga

Cubic miniature infrared carbon dioxide sensor SRH is available in a small size version for more flexible applications.

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