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Fresh Air System

With the rapid urbanization process, the problem of energy consumption has become more andmore serious. Among them, building energy consumption is one of the largest energy consumptions in the entire city, followed by industry and transportation. Fresh air system, as the major energy consumer of the building consumes, is attracting more and more attention for energy saving request.

For the purpose of energy saving and comfort achievement, Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) systemis developing very fast. Fresh air is supplied according to the real time and exact demand, so as to ensure high level comfort meanwhile avoid energy waste. To realize demand control, CO2 sensors are imperatively introduced into the ventilation system, where the fan speed of fresh air machine is able to be intelligently controlled based on CO2 sensor measurement to keep the indoor CO2concentration under a certain level. Therefore, DCV system is highly dependent on CO2 sensors and CO2 measurement plays a key role in energy saving control and ensuring high level comfort of indoor air.

    • Meet RESET Standard

      Meet RESET Standard

    • Rich Production Lines

      Rich Production Lines

    • Customization Solutions

      Customization Solutions

As the leading manufacturer of CO2 sensor, Cubic has already dedicated in this field for more than 17 years and has developed various kinds of CO2 sensor based onnon-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. With matrix calibration technology withinwhole measurement and temperature range, Cubic CO2 sensors can work at very wide range of conditions and keep stable performance with high accuracy of ±(40ppm+3%of reading) to meet the RESET standard for the fresh air ventilation system.

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