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Pulmonary function tests

Oxygenis always closely related to human life. Medical ventilators, respiratory instruments and PSA oxygen generators are chiefly used in intensive care medicine, home care, and emergency medicine in anesthesia. A ventilator takes over the breathing for the patient for the patient.

Typical ventilator has 2 oxygen source: oxygen cylinder and oxygen wall. In application, Collect the air from outdoor and oxygen from oxygen cylinder or oxygen wall. Then, air and oxygen from different sources mixed together in ventilator. It's important to conduct measurement and monitoring on the ventilators and respiratory instruments for medical health.

Based on Ultrasonic technology, Cubic has been dedicated on the oxygen gas sensors for over 16 years.

1. Cubic oxygen gas sensors could detect concentration and flow value for the oxygen source, high flow range could also be customized with OEM service.

2. Cubic has professional R&D team, mass production capacity, which already served many renowned manufacturers of oxygen ventilator.

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