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Cooking Oil-Smoke Monitor

With the rise of the tertiary industry, the catering service industry has developed rapidly, bringing convenience to people's lives, but the direct emission of oil fume also causes pollution to the atmospheric environment. The composition of oil fume gas is complex, and the particulate matter and volatile gaseous organic matter in oil fume gas are one of the important reasons for the formation of haze. In order to effectively promote the treatment of atmospheric environment, oil fume treatment is imperative.

Cooking smoke emissions have large numbers of widely distributed feature. The traditional cooking smoke emission supervision is mostly for regular on-site inspections by relevant government departments. However, this method has the problems of high cost and low efficiency, and it could not completely and efficiently solve the problem of oil fume pollution. In recent years, with the promotion of various environmental policies, many areas have begun to introduce cooking oil fume online monitoring systems, which can remotely and real-time monitor whether the oil fume emission in the area could meet the national standard GB18483-2001 "Fume Emission Standard for Catering Industry" or not. So accurate control for oil smoke pollution could be achieved. At the same time, it also saves a lot of manual inspection costs.

  • Innovative Structural Design

    Innovative Structural Design

  • Humidity-Removal System

    Humidity-Removal System

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    Free From Flue Flow

To achieve accurate measurement of the cooking smoke online monitoring system, the core is the cooking oil fume sensor. The working environment of oil fume monitoring equipment is special. Hydrocarbon gas in cooking oil fume could be easily absorbed and water vapor was also easily condensed. The constantly changing air flow will also bring huge challenges to the accurate detection of the cooking oil fume sensor.

Based on 10 years of research and development of light scattering technology, Cubic has developed the oil smoke sensor PM300BP and the oil smoke online detector OPM-6309 with built-in cubic self-developed sensor to solve the problem of oil smoke pollution. The problem that the accuracy is affected by the actual sampling airflow, and the detection result is misjudged by the influence of water vapor in the oil smoke, etc., have been solved. The performance is accepted by end users in the long-term application of the oil smoke monitoring system.

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