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Fire Alarm

Traditional fire detectors are mostly based on changes in physical characteristics such as temperature, smoke and flame. This detection method is difficult to reliably detect early fire hazards and is prone to false alarms. New detection principle which is detecting the concentration changes of compounds (CO, CO2, etc.) generated during the combustion process replaced the old. Fast response time and accurate data output, the detection ability can be greatly improved and false alarms can be reduced.

  • NDIR Technology

    NDIR Technology

  • Fast Response Time

    Fast Response Time

  • No Drift

    No Drift

Based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensing technology, Cubic has developed a miniature infrared carbon dioxide sensor SRH with accurate gas concentration measurement and rapid response time. It has two signal output modes, digital and analog. And it is the best choice in the field of fire alarm.

1. Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology

2. Quick response and accurate measurement

3. Long-term operation with no drift

4. Wide operating temperature range

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