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Industrial Grade NDIR C3H8 Sensor-SBH

Industrial Grade NDIR C3H8 Sensor-SBHSBH

The miniature NDIR C3H8 sensor SBH detects 0-75% of the propane (C3H8) concentration based on NDIR technology, which is superior to thermal catalysis and heat conduction technology.

It has the advantages of convenient operation, accurate measurement, reliable operation, simultaneous output of voltage and serial port, and dual beam design. To meet the different requirements of industrial field and laboratory measurement, it is widely used in gas detection and analysis in petrochemical, chemical, coal, medical, laboratory and other fields.

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  • NDIR technology, with long life and full measurement range
  • Meet the explosion-proof grade Ex iaⅡC T4 Ga
  • Internal full range temperature compensation
  • Diffusion sampling, stable performance
  • High precision, high resolution 0.01%
  • Small size and fast response
  • Antiseptic
  • Easy to install and reduce maintenance
  • Compatible with digital and analog voltage signal output


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Note: 1. The measurement accuracy is defined as temperature 25±2℃ and atmospheric pressure 101.3kPa.
The above functions and specifications are subject to the official product technical specifications. For more technical information, please contact: 027-81628827 or
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