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Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer Gasboard-3000E

Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer Gasboard-3000E

Gasboard-3000E is an analyzer for control of exhaust gases from gasoline, petrol, alcohol or LPG engines. It is developed based on Micro-flow NDIR technology for the measuring CO, CO2, O2 and NO exhaust gases.
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement CO2,CO,HC,O2,NO gases, Lambda display
Technology CO2,CO,HC(NDIR),O2,NO(ECD)
NO measuring range 0-4000ppm ,Resolution: 1ppm, Relative error: ±4%
4001-5000ppm ,Resolution: 1ppm, Relative error: ±8%
O2 measuring range 0-25% ,Resolution: 0.01%, Relative error: ±5%
HC Measuring range 0-2000ppm, Resolution :1ppm, Relative error: ±3%
2001-5000ppm,Resolution :1ppm, Relative error: ±5%
5001-9999ppm,Resolution :1ppm, Relative error: ±10%
CO Measuring range 0-10% ,Resolution: 0.01%, Relative error: ±3%
10-14%, Resolution: 0.01%, Relative error: ±5%
Measuring range Range: 0-16%, Resolution: 0.01%, Relative error: ±3%
Range: 16-18%, Resolution: 0.01%, Relative error: ±5%
Warm-up time 10 minutes
Display LCD display
Power 110V-220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz
Operating temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Dimension 260*180*360mm
Net weight 6kg
Flow rate 0.7-1.2L/min

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