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Residential Gas Meter BF-2000

Residential Gas Meter BF-2000

Domestic use/for biogas BF-2000 Residential Gas Meter is a prepayment gas meter embedded with CUBIC’s ultrasonic gas module which have self-owned intellectual property. It is suitable to be used in community biogas projects that supplying biogas to families directly for cooking.

CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Fow range(m3/h) (0.08-4) m3/h
Accuracy Class 1.5
Repeatability 0.30%
Work temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Humidity ≤99%
Gas pressure ≤20kPa
Corrosion resistance Yes
Power supply 3AA alkaline battery (working time>1 year)
Communication IC card
Connecton type Screw thread

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