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Online Biogas Monitoring System Gasboard-9060Gasboard-9060

Gasboard-9060 Online Biogas Monitoring System is designed to measure the concentration of CH4 ,CO2 ,H2S and O2 continuously in different biogas applications. It consists of four parts: Gas sampling and conditioning unit, Gas analysis unit, Control unit for auto drain and Data transmission, multiple sampling points is supported. Automatically proceed sampling, analyzing, drainage and so on process. Realized unattended operation 7*24hrs biogas monitoring.
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  • Gasboard-9060 measures CH4, CO2 and O2 gases for continuous monitoring.
  • The modular sensor design enables users easy on serviceability and onsite maintenance.
  • Supports multiple sampling points.
  • Optional heater or cooler is available applied to different applications condition.
  • Adopts self-developed H2S modular with auto air purge to applied to high/ low H2S monitoring.
  • Free maintenance gas conditioning unit and corrosion resistant design.
  • Equipped with 7 inch touch screen to display real time data timely.
  • Comprehensive technical proposal, installation and after-sales services.


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Technology CO2,CH4(NDIR); H2S,O2(ECD)
Measuring range CH4:0-100%; CO2:0-50%; O2:0-25%; H2S: 0-9999 ppm
Resolution CH4/CO2/O2:0.01%;H2S:1ppm
Precision CH4/CO2:≤±2%FS;O2 H2S:≤±3%FS
Repeatability CH4/CO2/O2/H2S:≤±2%FS
Dimensions H700xW450xD220mm
Material stainless steel plate thick 2mm
Installation parts 4 brackets for wallmounting
Operatimg temperature range -15℃ to +45℃
0perating humidity range 0-95% RHmon condensing
Emvironment pressure range 80-120kPa

Note1: Measuring range can be defined as customer request. Wal-mount IPS4 stainless steel cabinet for outdoor installation

Note2:Hinged front door with visualization. Door damping with 6 bolts M8

Note3: Other component specifications:

Stainless steel connector for gas inlet,gas outlet, zero air inlet and drain ports.

Manual valve for measure/calbration selection.

Gas flow adjuster.

Note4:Gas sampling and conditioning(Flexible]:

Pre-filtration by coalescing fiter with peristaltic pump for continuous condensate removal.

Built-in heater avoid water condensate block the pipe in the winter.

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