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Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Gasboard-3000P

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

It is economical portable type which mainly based on electrochemical sensors to measure the volume concentration of CO,CO2 ,O2 ,SO2 ,NO2 ,NO and HC in flue gas and to figure out excess air coefficient. This product has high precision, small volume, it is convenient to carry, simple to operate and it is extensively applied in steel, chemical, energy conservation monitoring, energy efficiency evaluation and other fields.
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Technology CO high/CO2/HC (NDIR)
CO low/SO2/NO/O2/NO2(ECD)
Range SO2:0-2000ppm;NO:0-2000ppm;NO2:0-200ppm;CO low:0-4000ppm;CO2:0-25%;O2:0-25%;CO high: 0-10%(optional);HC:0-9999ppm (optional);
(note: measurement range can be customized.)
Measurement SO2,NO,NO2,CO low,CO2,O2,HC(optional),CO high(optional)
Resolution CO2/CO high/O2:0.01%
SO2/NO/NO2/CO low/HC:1ppm
Gas flow 0.7-1.2 L/min
Precision CO high/CO2/Hc(NDIR)≤1% Fs
SO2/NO/NO2/O2/CO low (ECD)≤2%FS
Inlet pressure 2kPa-50kPa
Power supply built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Sampling gas condition no dust, no water, no tar
Response time (T90) <10s (NDIR)
Working temperature 0-50℃
Relative humidity ≤95% non condensing
Ambient pressure 86-108kPa
Size 410mm(L)*150mm(W)*290mm(H)
Weight 5kg
Other parameters (optional) Gas temperature,gas pressure, gas velocity, ambient temperature and ambient pressure.

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