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Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter BF-3000

Commercial and industrial use/ for biogas only BF-3000 Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter is developed for the measurement of biogas output from anaerobic digester. It is designed to withstand the wet and corrosive conditions. The built-in temperature and pressure sensors enable to make compensation and reach high accuracy.The unique composition reading function requires no additional device and input, which making it possible to continuously monitor the biogas quality and quantity with lowest investment.
  • No moving parts, no pressure drop.
  • Unique Methane content measurement function.
  • Temperature & pressure compensation, high precision.
  • Easy to install, routine maintenance free.
  • Strong corrosion resistance from high H2S and moisture.
  • Cutting-edge technology of ultrasonic
  • Long lifetime, stable performance.
  • Highly integrated, good looking appearance.
  • Built-in industrial lithium battery.
  • Low-flow measurement function available
  • All-in-one detect probe, measure flow velocity, temperature, presure and methane concentration directly.

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